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The Internet has been replete with news headlines about GPT-3 writing articles, Google’s Neural Network creating eerie artwork, artificial intelligence (AI) models creating music and what not. While these may seems quite intriguing for a tech enthusiast, for an average person, it may be overwhelming. Not only he shall be worried about ever-increasing capabilities of artificial intelligence, it also births fear to AI and robots dominating humans – as portrayed in dystopian movies. Hence, all these milestones achieved by AI begs the question – Will artificial intelligence be conscious someday?

Artificial intelligence tries to solve real-world problems by simulating human brain intelligence to perform the assigned task. Generally, it can be categorized into two distinct types: Weak AI and Strong AI. Weak AI (or Artificial Narrow Intelligence) is designed to solve only a particularly specified problem, like recognizing text in a photo or processing data. In contrast, Strong AI (or Artificial General Intelligence), is a cohort of artificial intelligence algorithms powered with intelligence and self-awareness. This form of artificial intelligence has the capacity to understand or learn any intellectual task that a human being can. Currently, AI purists are convinced that the endgame of Strong AI is self-conscious.

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