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Where and how should we look for intelligent life outside of our Solar System?

This ultimate question was last week given another dimension with the discovery of  TOI-561b, a 10 billion years-old exoplanet a little larger than the Earth that has existed since almost the dawn of our Milky Way galaxy.

It’s not thought that intelligent life is thought to be living on TOI-561b itself. It may be one of the oldest rocky planets yet discovered, but it orbits its star in just 10.5 hours and is not thought to be in the “habitable zone” of its star.

Instead, it offers a clue. If rocky planets like our own have been forming for far longer than originally thought, then surely the older and more stable a planet, the more likely it will host some kind of lifeforms. 

Either way, how do we increase our chances of finding intelligent life outside of our Solar System?

Here are three things we need to do to ramp-up the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI):

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