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In a new paper, russian scientists posit that the right blast of gamma radiation could reveal wormholes in black hole disguise. how would a black hole wormhole work? the answer is actually. Gamma rays flashes emitted by black holescould unmask what some astronomers controversially suspect are actually vast wormholes. wormholes are theoretical tunnels in space time that on paper could. Mark garlick science photo librarygetty images some black holes could be wormholes, and the difference is in the gamma radiation.luminous, supermassive black holes called active galactic nuclei (agn) could really be wormholes.the two cosmic objects emit totally different radiation signatures.some scientists believe black holes aren’t all the same—and that some are…. Astronomers think they might be able to detect black holes falling into wormholes using ripples in spacetime known as gravitational waves, but only if wormholes actually exist and such a scenario. Instead of abysses from which nothing can return, black holes actually could be a host of speculative black hole like objects that lack event horizons, such as boson stars, gravastars, fuzzballs.

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