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Humans are preparing to move to Mars as plans are already underway to develop and create a sustainable city on the Red Planet, following the vision of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

The plans were unveiled by architecture studio ABIBOO, which has officers around the world, with two offices in the United States.

The area will be developed at Tempe Mensa on Mars, with Nuwa as the capital city and one of the five cities that are being planned to be built on the Red Planet.


It will be built vertically instead of horizontally into the side of a cliff, which would diminish the effect of atmospheric pressure and radiation, the latter of which is deadly without any shelter.

ABIBOO wants to use carbon dioxide and water found on the surface of Mars in order to help create the steel that they would need to build the offices, homes and more.

The city would still have all of the mainstays of a city on Earth, including offices, homes and even green spaces. The designs for the space are based on scientific research from the SONet network and The Mars Society.

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