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In November 2020, Archer Materials announced its plan to develop a graphene-based lab-on-chip device. Now, the Company provided an update on the progress it has achieved - it demonstrated that it can fabricate nanosize biosensor components of 100-150 nanometer features on silicon wafers.

In the past, prior to Archer utilizing local semiconductor foundry fabrication techniques, it was limited to one sensor per ~1 cm2. Now, with its in-house capability, it has miniaturized key biosensor components to chip-formats on silicon by nanofabrication translating to approx. over 1 million sensor components within a 1 cm2 area.

Archer's CEO, Dr. Mohammad Choucair, said: “Archer has attracted talented technologists to work on a promising, potential solution to a global challenge that has significant socio-economic implications. As we ramp up our biochip development, we will strategically bridge industry capability gaps, and where possible, locally.”

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