A new Neuralink-like brain-controlled computer has started its first human trial. It is currently the first innovation to connect a PC to a human brain wirelessly.

The great thing about this new study is that it successfully allowed paralyzed individuals to type just like an average person that can use their hands. 

The study even showed that the paralyzed participants were able to type at the normal speed of normal people. According to Independent UK's latest report, the clinical trial was conducted and developed by the BrainGate technology. 

The tech firm's innovation offered the first wireless commands to a computer, which was able to make a breakthrough for those suffering from paralysis. BrainGate explained that it used a system that can transmit brain signals at single-neuron resolution. 

On the other hand, the researchers at Brown University in the United States explained that the computer did this in full broadband fidelity.

The new study was published by the IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering journal.

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