Elon Musk makes a bold statement as he posts a series of tweets about Neuralink and its goal to link technology to the human brain.

The statement comes after Neuralink posted a video of a monkey playing "Pong" with its mind through the aid of an implant.

The statement made by the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, which Slash Gear reported on Thursday, Apr. 8, claims that the implant Neuralink will initially launch could make a paralyzed person use a smartphone with their mind.

Musk added that the brain-computer interface chip would be implanted flush with the skull and the user would look and feel normal with it.

The implant will be charged wirelessly, and Musk said that the Neuralink device would come with a wireless charging baseball cap.

Lastly, Musk explains that later versions of the implant could ultimately make paraplegics walk again, using one Neuralink to push signal from the brain and pass it along to another Neuralink hooked up in the body.

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