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Is this a feat of astonishing wizardry?

Certainly, we are not wielding any wand in Hogwarts, but for researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it seems something really closer.

In their study, "Highly tunable junctions and non-local Josephson effect in magic-angle graphene tunnelling devices" published in Nature Nanotechnology, MIT researchers have magically turned material made of atomically thin layers of carbon into three useful electronic devices. These devices, which are all important to the quantum electronics realm, were made utilizing different materials that need multiple fabrication steps. This method solves several problems associated with more complex processes.

Their work could open the floodgates for a new generation of quantum electronic devices for quantum computing applications. In addition, these devices can also be superconducting, which means it could conduct electricity without any resistance. They achieve this using an unconventional mechanism that, with additional research, would offer new insights into the physics of superconductivity.

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