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Recent discovery of billions of habitable planets within the Milky Way alone and a practical route to nuclear fusion using Project PACER approach, suggesting that any habitable planet with intelligent life should be able to expand beyond their home planet and colonize the galaxy within a relatively short time. Given the absence of detection bySETI for the past few decades, we take this result for granted that no other industrial civilization exists within the galaxy and validated the rare earth and rare intelligence hypothesis by using rigorous astronomical and geological filter to reduce the potential candidate pool to host civilization < 1 per galaxy. So that, the total number of habitable extraterrestrial planets within the Milky Way capable of supporting advanced, intelligent life within the next 500 Myr is < 969. Most of which are earth-like orbiting around a single star with mass ranges from 0.712 to 1 solar mass. No exomoons are capable of supporting advanced life, and a negligible number of low mass binary systems (<0.712solar mass) are habitable. Among these habitable, the emergence of intelligence is still rare and must be a relatively recent phenomena.

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