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LOCALS have been left baffled after a strange "UFO" flashing light beams out of the River Thames.

People living in Canary Wharf were perplexed last night by the mysterious light that appeared to be coming from below the water.

Local Juliana Asayevich shared a video of the river - asking residents in the Canary Wharf and Isle of Dogs group what the flashing light could be.

And one person said: "It’s a UFO. Unidentifiable floating object."

Another resident said it could be a light from a bike as they said they remembered an incident where a bike was dumped in the canal.

A third joined in: "The aliens have obviously landed and are preparing for earth invasion."

And another said: "Seems like a spotlight from up top rather than from below?" while a fifth resident suggested that it's someone's iPhone going off.

Adding to the comments, one person sarcastically said the light could be coming from "an underwater party hosted by Sadiq Khan."

;-) To read more and view the video, click here.

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