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Martian rock sample collection has posed some challenges to the scientists who want to retrieve an important subject. 

More than amassing an ancient rock, there is another discovery that it could unveil: the potential presence of past life forms in the red planet, as NASA said.

Recently, NASA's Perseverance Rover successfully gathered its second Martian rock sample just days after the international space agency managed to retrieve its very first specimen.

As per NASA scientists, the collection of the Martian rock samples could mean that there were life forms that once lived on the red planet. 

In an official statement released by NASA on Friday, Sept. 10, Caltech's Ken Farley, the project scientist behind the Perseverance rover said that the rock samples revealed a "potentially habitable sustained environment."

"It's a big deal that the water was there for a long time," Farley added.

Upon the collection of the needed samples, the researchers immediately dived into the investigation of the water on the planet.

They wondered if the groundwater has been existing for a long time which, could mean that a possible microbial life is there.

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