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Exploring the entire universe has never been easier.

An international team of researchers has created an entire virtual universe that they claim is the most realistic and largest universe simulation ever released, and that's not even the best part. The software is called Uchuu, "outer space" in Japanese, and it's freely available on the cloud to anyone who wants to explore the universe from the comfort of their homes.

Uchuu has 2.1 trillion "particles" in a mind-bending 9.63 billion light-year-wide computational cube, which is roughly 75 percent of the distance between Earth and the farthest galaxies we can see, according to a press release.

The model simulates the universe's history over a period of more than 13 billion years but examines the behavior of dark matter within an expanding cosmos rather than the development of stars and planets. Thanks to Uchuu's high level of detail, the researchers can distinguish anything from galaxy clusters to the dark matter halos of individual galaxies.

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