Researchers from the Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat–Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter – have conceived and realized a new quantum material: "Indenene". Consisting of a single layer of the chemical element Indium, indenene enriches the family of the so-called topological insulators. The triangular lattice behind its tailor-made materials-design concept is not only novel in the context of topological quantum materials but it also offers important advantages for future applications.

Ever since the discovery of the first topological insulator this class of materials has been attributed enormous potential for the development of future electronics going beyond state-of-the-art technology. and possibly even for the realization of quantum computers.

The study reporting the design and characterization of Indenene appears in the journal Nature Communications ("Design and realization of topological Dirac fermions on a triangular lattice").

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