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One of the astrophysicists of the giant space agency, Jane Rigby, said that the innovation could offer more HD photos of various space objects. The space expert added that these captured images would amaze many people while providing essential scientific information to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. 

As of the moment, the giant telescope is scheduled for launch this coming Dec. 18. However, you need to remember that this date could still change depending on the operation efficiency of NASA, as well as the weather's condition on that day. 

 But, space enthusiasts and other Earth-based experts would definitely wait for its upcoming arrival outside the planet since it would be quite different from other telescopes of various space agencies.

According to NPR's latest report, NASA's innovation can capture light rays, especially those traveling more than the universe's entire history. This simply means that it could take photos of the oldest known space objects. 

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