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A research team at the University of Córdoba has designed a sustainable photovoltaic solar device that can heat water up to 80 degrees—just like a regular electric heater

A significant percentage of buildings' consumption is to produce hot water. Photovoltaic solar heating can be considered a clean and renewable energy option. Easy to install, silent, and low maintenance, it also prevents the consumption of fossil fuels normally used for this process. Now, a research group at the University of Córdoba has designed a solar heating device that takes advantage of 95.06% of the energy available to produce domestic hot water.

The prototype they designed manages to heat the water to 80 degrees, just like a normal electric heater would. No type of waste or polluting gas is produced during this process. Compared to solar thermal energy, which requires a hydraulic installation, this model would only use an electricbox similar to the conventional ones found at houses, to which and a conventional electric water heater are connected, with two cables. "It's a model that is much more versatile, sustainable and economical, and only produces a 5% loss of energy", explained Principal Investigator Luis Cámara-Díaz.

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