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Back in August 2018,we brought you the winning designs of NASA's 3D Printed Mars Habitat Contest. One of these was AI SpaceFactory's "Marsha" which was awarded $500,000 in the competition.

Despite humans not having reached Mars yet, AI SpaceFactory has not stopped working on its habitat and it has become quite technologically ingenious and useful for applications right here on Earth. 

"In Space architecture, every design decision is of great consequence to the success of a mission. Structures must be resilient and interior layouts must be tuned to mission demands," states the website for Marsha.

"And yet, since sustained social and mental health are also mission-critical, Space habitats must be designed to be rich, useful, and interesting worlds onto themselves. Marsha, AI SpaceFactory’s Mars habitat design, illustrates that the result can be both visionary and credible with an alien yet familiar beauty."

To read more and view the video, click here.

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