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Quantum computing is expected to exponentially outperform classic computing on abroad set of problems, including encryption, machine learning, and simulations. It has an impact yet to explore on all software lifecycle's processes and techniques. Testing quantum software raises a significant number of challenges due to the unique properties of quantum physics—such as superposition and entanglement and the stochastic behavior of quantum systems. It is, therefore, an open research issue. In this work, we offer a systematic mapping study of quantum software testing engineering, presenting a comprehensive view of the current state of the art. The main identified trends in testing techniques are (1) the statistic approaches based on repeated measurements and (2) the use of Hoare-like logics to reason about software correctness.Another relevant line of research is reversible circuit testing, which is partially applicable to quantum software unitary testing. Finally, we have observed a flourishing of secondary studies and frameworks supporting testing processes from 2018 onwards.

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