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In previous articles, I described how several recent pieces by physicists assert that the universe might not have had a beginning. I explained how each of the presented arguments was already fully addressed by Stephen Meyer in his book Return of the God Hypothesis or in the extended research notes (hereherehere). The website The Conversation recently published an article by philosopher of science Alastair Wilson titled “How could the Big Bang arise from nothing?” Wilson presents a cosmological model constructed by mathematical physicist and cosmologist Roger Penrose dubbed “conformal cyclical cosmology” (CCC) that purportedly avoids a beginning. 

Penrose is considered one of the preeminent physicists of our day. He performed the famous calculation that the fine tuning of the entropy at the beginning of the universe measures at 1 part in 10 to the power of 10 to the power of 123. This number could not be written if a zero were placed on every particle in the visible universe. Penrose is a true genius, and he has performed a herculean effort to avoid the universe’s beginning. But CCC is founded on numerous highly dubious assumptions, and it contradicts the empirical evidence.

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