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Nanotechnology has enabled stunning advances in numerous fields, including materials science and medicine. However, like other powerful, advanced technologies, it offers significant, even existential, dangers if misused.

ometime in the future, a scenario...

Roger’s alarm went off at his customary 5:30 a.m. He’d worked overtime the night before and wasn’t ready to get up. He waved at the alarm clock and it stopped its annoying ring, and Roger dozed off once again. 

Ten minutes elapsed. At first, nothing seemed to happen. Someone carefully observing the alarm clock, though, might have noticed a brief and tiny glint of a blink of light from its face as an almost imperceptible speck of what appeared to be dust floated off into the air. That observer might have then noticed, a moment later, that the man dozing on the bed shook his head ever so slightly as that same mote of dust entered a nostril. The man stirred seconds later. His nose wrinkled involuntarily and his hand rubbed his eyes. He sneezed and shot up straight in bed. The irritation went away instantly. Unnoticed by him, the tiny mote flew out his nose and, with that same nearly imperceptible glint of light that accompanied its original separation from the clock, rejoined it.

Roger stood up and took a step away from his bed. He paid no attention to what happened behind him as the bed suddenly grew somewhat transparent, then seemed to pixelate as it dissolved into a cloud of nothingness. 

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