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According to Universe Today, the NASA TESS spacecraft (whose primary purpose is hunting exoplanets) identified that our sun emits solar flares that are 1,000 times weaker than most other stars that TESS observes in its search for exoplanets.

This claim comes from Ward Howard from the University of Colorado at Boulder, who says that our sun's "well-behaved" nature was perfect for life on Earth as we know it to bloom.

 This is also the same sentiment shared by Alexander Shapiro, who works as a physicist in Germany's Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (via According to data collected by NASA's Kepler Space Telescope and the Gaia star-mapping mission by the ESA, most sun-like stars that have been observed in the past are so much more active than our own.

But this doesn't mean that the sun's power still doesn't affect us here on Earth. Regular "space weather" can still endanger human tech out in space and on the Earth's surface. Still, life on Earth is extremely lucky that our sun is the way it is--otherwise, we likely won't exist.

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