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Physicists from MIPT and Skoltech have found a way to modify and purposely tune the electronic properties of carbon nanotubes to meet the requirements of novel electronic devices. The paper is published in Carbon.

Carbon nanomaterials form an extensive class of compounds that includes graphene, fullerenes, , nanofibers, and more. Although the of many of these materials already appear in textbooks, scientists continue to create new structures and find ways to use them in real-life applications. Macro structures designed as randomly oriented made of carbon nanotubes look like very thin cobwebs with an area reaching several dozen square centimeters and thickness of only a few nanometers.

Carbon nanotube films display an amazing combination of physical and , such as mechanical stability, flexibility, stretchability, excellent adhesion to various substrates, chemical inertness and exceptional electrical and optical properties.

Unlike metallic films, these highly conducting films are light and flexible and, therefore, can be used in various electrical devices, such as electromagnetic shields, modulators, antennas, bolometers, and so on.

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