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The world of alien abductions and UFOs has many of what are called “contactees.” These are the rare individuals who, for whatever reasons, seem to have been singled out by these inscrutable alien entities for sustained contact. Such contact can range from the benign to the downright terrifying, and can forever change these people’s lives in many ways. On such contactee has chosen to reach out to me personally to tell her story, and it is a tale that will be unveiled here in full for the first time. Here we will go down the path of a lifetime of very weird experiences that alternate between the weird, the horrific, the fascinating, and the awe-inspiring.

Laura Clarke, now 62 years old, was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and during her childhood didn’t stay in one place for long. Her father Al was in the Army and her, her sister Barb, and her mom Jo moved often from base to base, going from Fort Benning, Georgia, then Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and finally to Fairbanks, Alaska. It in Alaska where she would begin down the road into her bizarre odyssey into the world of UFOs, alien abductions, and high strangeness. It first began the summer after a big earthquake had hit Anchorage in 1963, and Alaska was in the midst of one of its periods of perpetual daylight. One this evening it was bright as day outside, and her mother put her and Barb to bed, closing the think blinds of the room to keep the never-ending sunlight out. It was as the two young girls were lying in the gloom that the night would take a turn into the outlandish, and she would experience her first abduction. Laura says of what happened:

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