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Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was the focus a brutal new column that Frank Cerabino wrote for The Palm Beach Post.

"Marco Rubio is talking about UFOs. This is a big development and potential evidence of life — for Rubio," the column began. "Florida's senior U.S. senator has been in a virtual coma for more than four years now. So, the fact that he's verbal about anything, even if it's just talking to TMZ about potential space alien fly-bys, is big news."

"Good for you, Marco. We're so happy that you want to know something about anything. You've been willfully wanting to know nothing about everything these past four years," Cerabino charged. "So we're thrilled, delighted even, that you have an ember of curiosity about something. Even if it's as frivolous as little green men coming here to probe us."


The push back begins. Don't get your hopes up around this upcoming report. Back channel word is that there's an internal bureaucratic war raging regarding what information will be released and what information will be withheld. If they tell us too much, it would be too socially disruptive, according to the secrecy gatekeepers. To read more, click here.