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A few nights ago I was talking with a friend about the notorious Majestic 12 documents – and the matter of how they entered into the public domain. Whether you buy into the Majestic 12 issue or not (I don’t), the story behind the papers is a fascinating one. Exactly two weeks before Christmas Day 1984, a package appeared on the doorstep of the home of a man named Jaime Shandera. He was a friend and colleague of Bill Moore (co-author with Charles Berlitz of the 1980 book, The Roswell Incident), and someone who was heavily into UFOs, too. The envelope contained camera-film of a document that told the story of a secret group established by the U.S. government, following the Roswell crash of July 1947. It went by various permutations, the most popular in the UFO research arena being Majestic 12. The document showed the government had dead aliens hidden away. Extraterrestrial wreckage had been recovered by the U.S. military. Autopsies on the disturbingly-looking humanoids from far away – with their black eyes, large heads, and skinny bodies – were quickly undertaken. No-one knew what should be done. No-one knew how to keep the public and the press away from the incredible finding. Everything was top secret, as the documentation made very clear. If the documents were the real thing, of course.

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