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A retired Army intelligence officer and longtime UFO investigator is warning the public to lower its expectations about what might be included in an upcoming Pentagon report to Congress.

John Alexander thinks solving the UFO mystery will require a permanent global investigation.

Back when he was still working for Army intelligence, Col. Alexander put together his own UFO study group, trying to find hidden silos of information within the Pentagon. He didn’t find it.

After active duty, he worked at Los Alamos National Lab and sat on multiple national defense advisory boards while also consulting with Robert Bigelow’s private UFO think tank called the National Institute for Discovery Science, also known as NIDS.

Alexander knows the keepers of any UFO secrets are reluctant to hand them over, even though Congress ordered a comprehensive report due the last week in June. “I suspect that it will be as little as possible,” Alexander said in a recent interview. “Despite the fact that DoD has a requirement to report … I understand there’s quite a bit of resignation, between various agencies, foot dragging, don’t want to participate or release information. Now, I personally think the information on it, I do think it’s far bigger than the US, bigger than the Department of Defense, it takes a global response. And the only way you’re going to do that is to get as much information as possible, into the, you know, we have the best and brightest.”

Alexander thinks there is some spillover between current UFO conspiracy theories and America’s problematic response to the COVID pandemic. “We do know, from psychological studies that certain segments of the population tend to be more prone to accepting such theories,” Alexander said. “And that they, from a national perspective, see some of this now being used as a distraction from our own internal, strategic, political concerns.”

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