A forthcoming government report on UFOs is fueling intense speculation among skeptics and believers. Now, with ultra-secret U.S. technology no longer a viable explanation for these phenomena, two extraordinary theories appear to be in play.

According to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a foreign government may have achieved “one heck of a technological leap” and is operating highly advanced aircraft in restricted American airspace. Alternatively, as some intelligence officials and analysts speculate, U.S. military personnel may have witnessed “non-human technology” that defies the laws of physics.

As observers grapple with these possibilities, clues are beginning to emerge that a leading theory for the military’s UFO encounters – advanced Chinese aircraft – is increasingly unlikely.

For one, the South China Morning Post recently revealed that China has established its own task force to analyze unidentified objects appearing in its airspace. Beijing, like Washington, appears to take these phenomena seriously.

Moreover, Chinese analysts are reportedly so “overwhelmed” by UFO reports that China’s military is now relying on artificial intelligence to assess such incidents more efficiently.

Make no mistake: These revelations are not accidental. Opaque, authoritarian states such as China do not simply volunteer information about glaring national security gaps on a whim.

This raises two possibilities. Either China is engaging in an elaborate disinformation campaign, or it is genuinely perplexed by phenomena it cannot explain.

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