There are some things that can’t be explained. In this episode of Utah Success Stories, you’ll see a preview of a nearly 30-minute interview with the owner of a supposedly cursed land in Utah, Skinwalker Ranch, that is the subject of a History Channel TV series.

Legend has it that supernatural activities occur on a piece of land surrounded by the Ute Indian Reservation in the Uintah Basin of Utah. Brandon Fugal bought the land five years ago and brought in a team of scientists to see if the legends were true. 

What’s the thing that he now knows that he didn’t know before that surprises him the most? Fugal replied; “I bought the ranch as a skeptic. As a healthy skeptic. I had never seen a UFO, a ghost, an orb, or anything of the sort in my life and I disclosed that to the previous owner.”

Fugal claims that he and his team have experienced unexplained phenomena.

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