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41 years after his death, the strange case of Yorkshire miner Zigmund Adamski remains unsolved.

The Polish-born 56-year-old walked out of his home in Tingley, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire at around 3:30 pm on June 6, 1980, saying he was going to the local shops to buy groceries. After pausing to chat to a neighbour he walked off and was never seen again.

Five days later, his body was found atop a 10ft high pile of coal at a coal yard in Todmorden, around 20 miles from his home.

He was wearing a three-piece suit but its jacket was "improperly" fastened and his shirt had been removed. Adamski’s watch and wallet were never found. His shoes were oddly tied. His hair had been cut short and curiously, despite the five-day disappearance, Adams appeared to have shaved the day before his death.

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