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On March 16, 1967, an incredible event occurred at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, USA. Multiple UFOs hovered at very low elevation over the nuclear missiles sites, and were viewed by many military officers at the base. Then, one by one, the nuclear Minuteman ICBM missiles mysteriously went offline. The entire base went on high alert. There was an immediate investigation and a cover-up of the event. Years later, in 1994, one of the witnesses, Captain Robert Salas went public and disclosed the event. After locating other witnesses, Salas published the book, FADED GIANT in 2005, and the encounter became established in UFO History.

In 2015, retired army officer Mel Hansen was shocked to learn that the Malmstrom incident was being presented on television. He was a firsthand witness to the encounter, but had always kept his participation in the event a secret from everyone except a few family members. Now that it was being shown on TV, Mel decided that it was time for him to talk about what he saw on that amazing night.

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