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An imminent report by the Pentagon on the subject of UFOs is being awaited with bated breath by a worldwide legion of enthusiasts fascinated by the subject.

Scheduled to be released this week, it is expected to say that while there is no hard evidence the hundreds of flying objects reported by US Navy pilots were of extra-terrestrial origin, they can’t explain what the mysterious phenomena were.

In this country, meanwhile, our sister title the Daily Mirror reported: "The Ministry of Defence's dedicated UFO desk has been defunct since 2009 but the Pentagon probe into unidentified flying objects - now called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - could see it revived."

Since 1947, and the famous ‘Roswell’ incident in the United States - when some claim a crashed flying saucer and its alien crew were captured by the Army near a ranch in New Mexico - sightings of UFOs around the world have been persistent and plentiful.

Our region has its own dossier of strange and unexplained aerial phenomena, but do these strange appearances in our skies across the decades have a logical, mundane explanation - or has ET really been paying sneaky visits to the North East?

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