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Are UFOs real? Do aliens exist? Have they visited earth? 

These are some of the questions extraterrestrial enthusiasts hope to have answered in just a few short days, when members of Congress receive a declassified report about “unexplained aerial phenomenon,” UAPs — or UFOs, as they are popularly known. 

The questions are hardly new. 

For decades, people across the country — and around the globe — have reported and recorded purported encounters with objects that moved too quickly, were shaped too strangely and acted too unnaturally to come from any known technology. 

The U.S. government only recently confirmed that some of the recordings came from U.S. Navy and military personnel. 

Some lawmakers fear the sightings might be advanced technology from an adversarial (yet Earth-bound) nation, like Russia or China. Meanwhile, scientists are torn on whether or not the data will reveal anything of particular interest. 

But many hope the report answers one fundamental question: Are we alone in the universe?

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