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I was an X-Files kid. I still binge-watch reruns on Hulu. That quintessential 90s show inspired a generation to look up at the sky and wonder what or who is really out there. The answer may be closer than ever.

Last weekend, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Administrator Bill Nelson – a former astronaut and Democratic United States Senator from Florida – admitted on CNN that he believes that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe and that he could not rule out the possibility that a small percentage of unidentified aerial phenomena – more popularly known as UFOs – have otherworldly origins.

“My feeling is that there is clearly something there. It may not necessarily be extraterrestrial, but if it is a technology that some of our adversaries have then we’d better be concerned,” he said. “Remember, the universe is so large. We have a program in NASA called the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. But thus far we don’t have any receipt of a communication from something that’s intelligent.”

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