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A CIA scientist thought the fake alien autopsy from the famous Roswell UFO crash was actually real, a bizarre leaked memo claims.

The 2001 document has electrified UFO hunters who believe the footage, apparently showing a dead alien after the Roswell UFO crash in 1947 being dissected by medics, was not faked after all.

The strange film footage was released to the world by Brit entrepreneur Ray Santilli, who claimed he obtained it in 1992 from a retired US military cameraman while seeking archive footage of Elvis Presley in the US.

He went on to sell the footage to TV stations in 33 countries - before fellow film maker Spyros Melaris revealed last year that they had actually faked the footage using animal organs and pig brains in a London flat - and managed to fool the world for a decade.

But the story has taken a new twist after a leaked memo was allegedly sent to aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow from one of his physicists Eric Davis.

It claims former CIA scientist Kit Green was "briefed three different times during and after his tenure at CIA on topics relevant to UFOs and the Roswell Incident Alien Autopsy”.

The memo, believed to have been leaked from the archives of late astronaut Edgar Mitchell, states: "After Kit left the CIA he was called into the Pentagon by a person in uniform.

"This person showed Kit the alien autopsy photos and reports etc. The photos of the alien cadaver Kit saw were consistent with the cadaver seen in the 1995 Santilli film/video.

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