After months of intense speculation regarding a number of high profile sightings, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) published its preliminary assessment of unidentified aerial phenomena or UAPs - military jargon for UFOs. To some, the June 25 Pentagon report was going to shed new light on the technological capabilities and advancements of America's adversaries. Others looked forward to the report in hopes it would vindicate more than 50 years of UFO mania and research into the extraterrestrial.

The published document is a brief, nine-page version of a larger document that, at least for now, remains classified and in the hands of the Congressional Services and Armed Services Committees.

The document does not confirm UFOs seen zipping around by US pilots are - but it does not outright deny it and that's why many are still excited about its findings.

Nick Pope, a former Ministry of Defence (MoD) insider who investigated UFO sightings for the British Government in the 1990s, is in particular thrilled by the report's ambiguity.

If there was even the slightest chance the US intelligence agencies could have discounted an alien origin for these sightings, he told they would have.

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