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UFOs spotted by the US Navy that were subject to a recent investigation by the Pentagon use technologies "we don't understand" a leading space engineer has said. 

A long-awaited official report commissioned by the US government into Unidentified Flying Objects which was released towards the end of last month revealed that the country's intelligence community has no explanation for 143 sightings – and can't rule out that they were aliens.

The bombshell study - ordered by Congress just before President Donald Trump was booted out of office - documented 11 UAP near-misses reported by pilots and a small number of cases in which military aircraft "processed radio frequency energy associated with UAP sightings".

These sightings caused a huge stir across the world and led many to believe Earth has already been visited by extraterrestrials.

And now, Professor Madhu Thanavelu, of USC's Department of Astronomical Engineering has told the BBC the footage captured "is real" and that the vehicles do things our technology "won't allow".

Professor Thanavelu said: "This particular report is underwhelming,. We expected that.

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