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In footage shared widely online on Tuesday, the cluster of dozens of glowing orbs lazily drifts past the orbiting space lab.

The video was captured on a live camera strapped to the station that broadcasts footage of its inky black surroundings 24 hours a day.

It was clipped by Reddit user tyrannosnorlax, who promptly shared it to the social media site – where it has garnered thousands of views.

"Can someone please explain what I just saw on the ISS YouTube live feed?" the curious Redditor asked on the forum.

The footage sparked claims of an alien sighting from a handful of excited commenters.

"Just a whole fleet of aliens...nothing to see here folks," one user joked.

Another said: "Holy f***ing s**t. I have watched a ton of these live feed captures over the years and not one has something like this been seen. Is that really a f***ing fleet of UFOs?!?!?"

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