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A video captured earlier this month has some convinced that Bigfoot was spotted crossing a Michigan river with a baby in its arms. 

The clip has garnered nearly 150,000 views on YouTube as people debate whether the brown figure was really Bigfoot, or a hunter crossing the water.

The footage was submitted to the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization by a person identified as "Eddie V.," who claims his cousin was kayaking in Michigan's Cass River in the beginning of July when he spotted the creature.

"Not sure what it is, but I have sent it to a few people to see what they say," Eddie said.

"Some say it's Bigfoot carrying baby Bigfoot. Others say it's Bigfoot carrying a deer."

The Sasquatch Organization zoomed in on the grainy video and slowed it down so viewers could get a better look.

Indeed, a large brown figure carrying something can be seen moving through the river at a quick pace.

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