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Last month, a nine-page preliminary report on the government’s current efforts toward studying unidentified aerial phenomena, more commonly known as UFOs, was delivered to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. The document, which gives few specific details about the nature of the phenomena being studied by our military, still leaves much to the imagination about current government UFO data collection efforts.

However, another question many Americans have been left wondering about has to do with the future of academic involvement in the UAP question, and whether information the U.S. government is collecting about these objects will be provided to the scientific establishment for independent evaluation.

“Every scientist should like a good puzzle to solve,” says Chris Impey, a professor and deputy head of the department of astronomy at the University of Arizona. Impey studies observational cosmology, in addition to placing a focus on education and science literacy. However, in recent days, he has also become one of a handful of astronomers that have weighed in on the debate over UFOs.

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