In recent years there has been increasing coverage of military encounters with UFOs, with the U.S. government surprisingly acknowledging such incidents, and while avoiding saying these things are otherworldly, not denying it either.  Yet while most people have their eyes trained to the skies, a lesser known aspect of this ongoing phenomenon is what seems to be going on underwater. One area of the UFO phenomenon that doesn’t seem to get as much coverage is that of what are called USOs, or Unidentified Submersible Objects, basically underwater UFOs, which are every bit as strange as their sky-going brethren and with which military submarines have had very bizarre encounters.

Some interesting cases of USOs have been reported by personnel within the US Navy, from which there has been footage released showing UFOs entering the water. Chief among the proposed evidence for this is a video taken off the coast of San Diego in July of 2019 by crew aboard the USS Omaha. The video, which was released by UFO researcher and investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, shows a spherical object fly over the vessel before coming down to make a controlled descent into the water, with a crewmember heard to exclaim “Wow, it splashed!” The video caused quite a stir online, but it would become even more interesting when information would come out that at around the same time, US submarines were also picking up mysterious objects underwater that seemed to defy physics. The Navy confirmed that the footage was authentic and unexplained, and the Washington Examiner’s Tom Rogan has said of this in connection with the USS Omaha footage:

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