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A Pennsylvania man has spent more than 60 years of his life chasing monsters. Stan Gordon started out trying to solve a single type of paranormal phenomena but soon discovered there might be connections to other unexplained events.

By the time he was ten years old, Stan Gordon was already part of a UFO group in Pennsylvania.

62 years later he’s still at it, and is known all over the world for his boots-on-the-ground investigations. But chasing UFOs inevitably led to other mysteries – what are known as cryptid creatures, more commonly called monsters.

“One of the patterns I saw years ago, and it’s still ongoing in these areas, and other areas as well, is that many low level close range UFO sightings, and many encounters with cryptids, Bigfoot, thunderbirds, black panthers, and a whole menagerie of other really weird creature cases,” Gordon said in a recent interview. He added the creatures “commonly occur in the vicinity of high energy sources. So you have a lot of cases around power plants, high tension power lines, radio and broadcast communication towers, railroad tracks, gas lines, gas wells, goes on, and on and on. I have no doubt there’s an energy connection to the phenomena.”

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