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The UFO phenomenon is full of very strange reports stretching back for many decades. From sightings, to crashes, to alien abductions, it really runs the range. Among these many reports there are some that are even odder and inexplicable than most. These are the cases that truly serve to make one scratch their head, and dwelling out amongst these are those bizarre accounts that seems to describe these mysterious vessels as stealing our water for reasons we may never understand.

A very strange such case takes us back to 1970, in the rural town of Langenschemmern, Germany. On April 9, 1970, a 65-year-old retired electrician by the name of Max Krauss was walking along a lonely country road on his way back home after a shopping trip. It was a quiet afternoon at around 4 p.m., yet suddenly the serene day would be intruded upon by two loud bangs that roused Krauss from his daydreams. He at first took them to be sound barrier booms, only “quite dull, as though muffled in cotton-wool.” Looking around trying to figure out where the noise had come from, he suddenly saw hovering towards him “a transparent ball some 40 cm. wide, which had spokes inside it.” The witness says it was heading towards a stream of water, and says of what happened next:

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