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A HUGE UFO "mothership" with flashing lights was reportedly spotted hovering near Las Vegas airport.

Video footage uploaded to YouTube appears to show an unusual object mysteriously glowing over the Nevada desert as planes were coming in to land.

Paranormal researchers were left baffled by the glowing lights.

Michael Roser, of Dark Hour Paranormal, branded the footage “curious” as he pointed out several sets of white lights alongside a bright red flashing light in the center.

He said: "Instinctively when I'm looking at that I think well this must have something to do with the FFA - something licensed.

"Either we're looking at three independent crafts and possible they extend laterally into the air - or we're looking at one giant craft where we're not seeing the outline."

Paranormal researcher Rich Giordano said: "I don't know if we're looking at airplanes coming in for a landing or even taking off. It’s interesting because you have three sets of lights."

He admitted that he doesn't know if he's looking at towers on a mountain or an aircraft.

Giordano said: “It’s really odd, it almost looks as it could be one craft as well and it’s just sitting there – 'mothership'.

To read more and view the video, click here.

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