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Remer, Minnesota is a tiny city in the north-central area of the state with a population of 388 people, according to radio station 98.1 – “Minnesota’s New Country.” Outside of Minnesota, it’s probably best known as one of those places which pops up when one does a Google search for “middle of nowhere in Minnesota.” However, inside the state and in cryptid circles, it’s revered as a Bigfoot sighting hotspot, home of the annual Minnesota Bigfoot Conference and dubbed the “Home of Bigfoot.” That’s why news of a big Bigfoot spotted in Remer deserves some coverage.

“New Bigfoot sighting outside of Remer MN last night 7/26/21 about 9:15 p.m. road crossing driver was heading east creature was seen in the middle of the road and went North driver got approximately 300 to 400 feet away before it moved to the north every bit of 10 ft tall the semi truck driver said and black.”

That report comes from the Facebook page of the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team (MN.B.R.T.), a “group of like minded individuals that work together in proving the existence of Sasquatch/Bigfoot using the best method’s known to work in calling these creatures in closer and using communication known to be used by the great ape’s, MN.B.R.T. collects evidence using scientific method’s in hope of preserving what ever biological sample’s or findings they come across.” Is this sighting the proof they’ve been looking for?

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