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Following on from my previous article on journalist Dorothy Kilgallen – on an alleged crashed UFO and a crew of dead aliens said to have been found in in the U.K. during the Second World War – I thought I would share with you a couple more very weird stories from that same time-frame. Declassified U.K. military papers tell an incredible story. The documentation goes under the title of  “Report by the Crew of 61 Sqdn. A/c ‘J,’ Captain W/O Lever, of object seen during raid on TURIN, night of November 28/29th, 1942.” That’s a pretty big title! Nevertheless, it gets to the point of the incident. A report prepared for Bomber Command included these words: “Herewith a copy of a report received from a crew of a Lancaster [aircraft] after a raid on Turin. The crew refuses to be shaken in their story in the face of the usual banter and ridicule.” Now, let us get to the heart of the story that can be found in the National Archives, U.K. Along with more tales of strange, aerial objects, I should stress. With that said, back to the content of the document:

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