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In 1981, a trawler named Celerity vanished without a trace in the Irish Sea.

The disappearance was in broad daylight and no wreckage of the trawler was ever found.

Then in the April of the following year, an Irish merchant vessel named Sheralga was sunk in the same area of the Irish Sea, and the official explanation was that the ship had been accidently rammed by the nuclear sub HMS Porpoise after getting her nets snagged on the sub.

Witnesses said this didn't seem to be the case at all, and several horrified fishermen watched the doomed ship being pulled backwards by something in the water for an incredible distance of 10 nautical miles.

Sheralga then capsized but the crew were incredibly lucky, as they jumped overboard and were rescued by passing trawlers.

On the same day in the same area, another fishing vessel named Crimson Dawn was spreading her nets when some massive object became entangled in those nets.

 Crimson Dawn was dragged along like a toy boat by the unidentified thing under the sea, and only escaped being dragged beneath the waves when the nets snapped.

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