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A US reconnaissance plane caught a "rubber duck" shaped UFO on camera which was said to have hit speeds of 200mph as it was tracked for 40 minutes.

The hour long leaked video was filmed by an RC-26 surveillance aircraft being flown by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agents hunting drug smugglers in Tucson, Arizona.

Footage begins with the plane's crew surveying the landscape using their thermal optics system - known as FLIR - as they were said to be on a reconnaissance mission.

Some 20 minutes into the footage, the UFO - which appears to be shaped like a rubber duck " - comes racing into view in the clip taken at around 9pm on November 23, 2019.

The shape - estimated to be around 6ft long - hurtles over the the landscape and appears to change before speed and direction as it moves.

For around 40 minutes the aircraft's FLIR camera operator tracks the object during the encounter not far from the US's southern border with Mexico.

The object appears to be moving between 90 and 200mph according to the data available in the video.

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