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The Roswell Incident has been the subject of endless rumour and counter-rumour ever since an official press release stated that US Army personnel had recovered the wreckage of a “flying disc”.

The 'incident' refers to what many believe was the crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft a ranch near Roswell Army Air Field, New Mexico, back in July 1947.

The conventional explanation is that a top-secret military balloon, named Project Mogul, crashed on the Forster ranch and RAAF intelligence officer Major Jesse Marcel either mistakenly identified the balloon as a crashed UFO or deliberately planted a fake story as a cover for the classified military surveillance program.

But now a letter has emerged that supposedly provides shocking eyewitness testimony from a military observer from the 414 Fighter Group sent to help cover up the crash of a very real flying saucer.

Originally sent to physicist and ufologist Stanton Terry Friedman, the letter obtained by researchers from paranormal blog Mystery Planet is signed by someone called “Shaun” who says their father gave them hard evidence of contact between aliens and the US military.

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