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Conspiracy theorists have claimed a US base is hidden in a mountain and is where aliens killed 60 US troops in a secret war.

Ufologists are convinced the remote hamlet of Dulce, New Mexico is home to a seven-storey military bunker that rivals Nevada's Area 51 for wild cover-ups claims about extraterrestrials on Earth. 

Dulce, is a small town with a population of just under 3,000, and is the Jicarilla Apache Reservation tribal headquarters.

But it is also home to what bonkers conspiracy theorists say is a huge multi-storey base in Archuleta Mesa mountain were humans have teamed up with aliens after first fighting them for decades.

Stories first surfaced about alien activity in the mid-1970s.

One of those was reported by a New Mexico State Trooper Gabriel Valdez who said he saw a UFO before finding a series of disturbing cattle mutilations.

The officer claimed inside one dead cow he found what he claimed to be a hybrid that "looked like a human, a monkey and a frog".

Following this, in 1979, it is alleged workers digging a military bunker accidentally discovered aliens living in caves — which triggered a huge battle that killed scores of US troops.

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