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Another former nuclear missile base boss who later went on to develop backpacks for NASA Apollo astronauts today claimed a UFO crippled ten of his nukes in their silos. 

Retired Air Force Captain David D Schindele alleged the bizarre incident unfolded in 1966 while he was a missile launch crew commander in the Minot Air Force Base missile field in North Dakota.

But the former serviceman was ordered never to breathe a word of what he saw as the military covered the incident up, a bombshell press conference heard.

Along with other former American air force chiefs, Captain Schindele was giving evidence about how aliens tampered with weapons systems during tests, at nuclear bases and even disabling doomsday Minuteman I intercontinental ballistic missile

In his testimony at the National Press Club in Washington DC, he said: "I was involved in a UFO incident at the time, where a flying object tampered with and took down a total of ten nuclear tipped ICBM missiles by rendering them unlaunchable."

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