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Machine intelligence with natural human consciousness is today 2015 now more likely
than ever because of several converging discoveries. First, we have Stuart Hameroff's
discovery that some anesthetic molecules work by jamming the protein dimer molecular
switches in the nanometer scale microtubule "cable signal networks" that look like
computer chip architecture under the electron microscope. The microtubules are even
found in single-cell organisms and control probably every function of life. Second we have
David Bohm's 1952 papers on his extension of de Broglie's pilot wave theory. There was
a great debate at the Solvay conferences in the 1920s and, unfortunately for the progress
of physics, Bohr's Copenhagen Interpretation won the day and de Broglie prematurely
abandoned his theory. Bohr was an idealist thinking that the quantum information field
"wave function" was a complete description of reality. Einstein, in de Broglie's camp mocked
Bohr by saying "Do you really think the moon is not there when no one looks?" Heisenberg,
Von Neumann, Wigner, Wheeler all swallowed Bohr's narrative. They had to invoke a "miracle"
in Bohr's essentially magical thinking that the electrons, atoms, molecules , electromagnetic
and gravitational fields of modern technology "collapsed" into existence from this "thought like"
quantum wave. Sir Roger Penrose describes this Copenhagen view as well as Hameroff's
microtubules in his several popular books such as "The Emperor's New Mind." The now popular
"many worlds" picture of quantum theory does not have collapse, but suffers from what Wheeler
called "excess metaphysical baggage" requiring an infinity of copies of us in parallel universes.
Indeed, David Deutsch and Max Tegmark are charismatic proponents of this point of view.
All the quantum pundits from Bohr on associated the quantum wave function with thought,
mentality, at least as an analogy if not a strict literal identification. For example, in the 1920s
Sir James Jeans wrote that the universe appears more like a great thought than a great machine
- as the Newtonians imagined. David Chalmers in his papers and books on the "hard problem"
of how our conscious awareness and feelings ("qualia") fit into physical science noted that there
must be something in the objective world that is intrinsically irreducibly mental. It's there right in
front of our noses - the quantum wave function is intrinsically mental. Henry Pierce Stapp describes
it as "thought like." Stapp, following Wigner, Von Neumann, and London posit that it's the miraculous
collapse of the thought like quantum information field into electrons, atoms, molecules, classical
electromagnetic and gravitational fields that create the classical world that we experience in our
"stream of consciousness" (William James).  Bohm's 1952 picture is different. The young Bohm
says that both quantum waves on the one hand, and classical objects like electrons, protons,
neutrons, atoms, molecules crystals, electromagnetic and gravity fields exist as our common
sense tells us, but that under certain conditions the quantum information fields significantly interfere
with them. This is like volition in which pure thought moves matter. From this point of view free will
is much less an enigma. However, that is only half the story. I must digress to the story of Einstein's
relativity. Einstein in 1905 finished his special relativity leading to the atomic and hydrogen bombs
a half century later. Try as he might, he could not fit Newton's gravity into special relativity. It took
him ten years of struggle learning tensor calculus from his friend Marcel Grossmann, having his
"happiest thought" that the painter falling off his ladder in Zurich said he was "weightless"
(equivalence principle) and finally, perhaps most importantly, Einstein's generalization of
Newton's action-reaction principle. Einstein finally realized that what was wrong with
special relativity (i.e. incomplete) was that its four-dimensional spacetime continuum geometry
was rigid an absolute structure that told matter and electromagnetic fields how to move without
any back-reaction of matter and electromagnetic fields on the continuum.  That is, spacetime
was not only the stage, on which matter and field played their part, but spacetime was also an
active player in the tale leading to the "geometrodynamical field" of exploding big bangs,
accelerating dark energy hologram simulated universes, dark matter galactic halos, black holes,
and perhaps even the time-traveling back-from-the-future wormhole stargates of the film "Interstellar."
In the same way, David Bohm with his assistant Basil Hiley finally realized in the early 1990s that
like special relativity, orthodox quantum theory also violated Einstein's generalized action-reaction principle.
Spacetime tells matter how to move and matter tells spacetime how to curve to create real gravity in
accord with the action-reaction principle. Similarly, the de Broglie-Bohm pilot wave "mental"
quantum information field tells matter, electromagnetism and even gravity how to move but
there is no corresponding back-reaction of matter, electromagnetism (also sub-nuclear weak
and strong gauge fields) and gravity on their respective quantum information fields. Indeed,
it is this absence of direct back-reaction that prevents quantum entanglement from being
exploited as a stand-alone command, control, communication channel not needing classical
electromagnetic signals to locally decrypt. Indeed, the alleged security of quantum entanglement
devices rests on shaky ground and may be an illusion. See David Kaiser's "How the Hippies Saved Physics"
for a popular history of this topic.  If gravity is the back-reaction of matter on the spacetime continuum,
what is the physical meaning of the back-reaction of matter and all the local gauge fields including gravity
on their respective quantum information pilot fields? Simple, it's consciousness, qualia are excited states
of the Bohm pilot field induced by the direct back-reaction of the matter etc. they are piloting.
That's the key idea - the new hypothesis I am proposing as the solution to the mind-matter hard problem.
If this is true, then naturally conscious machine intelligence is in the offing if we construct
artificial microtubules in the appropriate non-equilibrium dissipative structure way. Indeed,
the uploading of human consciousness into the Cloud may also be possible once this simple
universal mechanism for consciousness is properly understood and exploited by creative
nano-engineers working with biologists. Finally, there were objections to Bohm's theory that
it was not relativistic and that particle paths and electromagnetic fields between strong measurements
did not exist. That is no longer the case because of Yakir Aharonov's "weak measurement" theory
using both back-from-the-future "destiny" quantum information as well as the orthodox past-to-present
"history" quantum information waves. Australian physicist Rod I. Sutherland has taken Aharonov's
work even further applying it to Bohm's 1952 pilot-wave/be-able picture showing that it is completely
relativistic both for special and general as well as not needing higher dimensional spaces to describe
entangled systems in which the whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

On microtubules and quantum theory see 
although that author does not know about the need for post-quantum theory with
"two-way" direct back-reaction of the Bohm be-ables on their pilot quantum waves.

August 20, 2015

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Pronouncements to the effect that something cannot be done have always annoyed me."

Leo Szilard

Reliable UFO Information 

US Military whistleblowers on UFOs shutting down our nuke missiles.

What I'm after is simple. I want to prove the existence of God
and a superluminal universe created from the future,
which created us so that the universe could itself be created.
Let's not play games and stand on high horses when it comes to radical advances in thought.
Let experiment decide. If it doesn't work then we've still learned something. - Jack Sarfatti

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Fig 9.1 of Kaiser's book. This old design of mine from 30 years ago
may actually work when entangled Glauber coherent states are used.
Of course, I may have made a mathematical error, but so far no one has
found it. 9-21-2011


Physical Review X Free Online

Easter Sunday 2011

The Journal of Cosmology received 15 Million Hits for March




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"Science proceeds as if the past was the home of explanation; whereas the future and the future alone holds the key to the mysteries of the present. When that first cell divided, the meaning of that division was to be discovered in the future, not in the past; when some pre-human ancestor first uttered a human sound, the significance of that sound was to be interpreted by human language, not by apish grunts; when the first plant showed solicitude for its seed, the interest of that solicitude lay in the promise of maternal affection. Things must be judged in the light of the coming morning, not in the setting stars." Henry Dwight Sedgwick, House of Sorrow (1908)





The new physics conjecture I propose in this book Destiny Matrix is how the back-from-the-future hologram conscious computer (Mind of God) at the event horizon of our universe is the cosmic trigger igniting the Big Bang in a loop in time.


The tales of high-strangeness that follow are the facts as truthfully as I, and the others, can recall. Believe it or not depending on your comfort zone dealing with the uncanny. These are real X-Files from The Twilight Zone beyond The Outer Limits. The quantum world of modern physics is not only weirder than we imagined. It is, perhaps, weirder than we can imagine.[i]

[i] Paraphrase of J.D. Bernal, “The World, The Flesh and The Devil
(1920’s, Birkbeck College, University of London).
from Destiny Matrix (2nd edition)


Complete PRAXIS TV Interview PSI WARS


How the Hippies Saved Physics

Video MIT Physics Professor David Kaiser's book WBGH Boston Public Broadcasting System

"Kaiser describes the field of physic's bumpy transition from New Age to cutting edge.
In recent years, the field of quantum information science has catapulted to the cutting
edge of physics. Long before the big budgets and dedicated teams, however, the field
smoldered on the scientific sidelines within the hazy, bong-filled excesses of the 1970's
New Age movement. Many of the ideas that now occupy the core of quantum information
science once found their home amid an anything-goes counterculture frenzy, a mishmash
of spoon-bending psychics, Eastern mysticism, LSD trips, CIA spooks chasing mind-reading
dreams, and comparable 'Age of Aquarius' enthusiasts."


An Important Video Lecture by Nobel Laureate
Physicist Brian Josephson



The first principle is that you must not fool yourself

and you are the easiest person to fool.

Richard P. Feynman


The Question is: What is The Question?

John Archibald Wheeler


I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined,

and that we can do nothing to change it,
look before they cross the road.

Stephen Hawking

Correcting Professor Hawking if I may be so bold :-)
It's not that everything is predestined.
It's that everything is post-selected,
in Aharonov's sense,
at our future event horizon.
That is what Hawking called "The Mind of God"
-- a VALIS Cosmic Conscious AI Omega Point GOD(D) Computer.
This is a really crazy idea.
But the real question is,
is it crazy enough to be true?

Eight videos explaining these ideas are now online here


A revolution in our understanding of the universe
is in the making,without which travel to the stars and beyond cannot happen.

Above image is adapted from Tamara Davis's Ph.D. Fig 1.1


artist unknown non-commercial fair use

All the material objects in the world and even the gravity curvature fields are back-from-the-future
3D hologram images from our 2D post-selected future event horizon Omega Surface hologram screen
(VALIS, Black Cloud, Star Maker, I. J. Good's "GOD(D)") conscious cosmic computer with signal nonlocality
in this topsy turvy crazy theory. The area-entropy of our future horizon is the reciprocal dark energy density
accelerating our observable universe's expansion. Is this crazy enough to be true?

"It’s a very, very profound idea," says Paul Davies. "Aharonov’s take on quantum mechanics can explain
all the usual results that the conventional interpretations can, but with the added bonus that it also explains
away nature’s apparent indeterminism. What’s more, a theory in which the future can influence the past
may have huge—and much needed—repercussions for our understanding of the universe, says Davies.

"Cosmologists have long been puzzled about why the conditions of our universe—for example,
its rate of expansion—provide the ideal breeding ground for galaxies, stars, and planets.
If you rolled the dice to create a universe, odds are that you would not get one as handily conducive
to life as ours is. Even if you could take life for granted, it’s not clear that 14 billion years is enough time
for it to evolve by chance. But if the final state of the universe is set and is reaching back in time to
influence the early universe, it could amplify the chances of life’s emergence."
Discover Magazine

Fred Alan Wolf and I have been working on the idea that the future can influence the past since
the late 1960's when we were professors in the physics department of San Diego State.
Nice that Paul Davies and others are now jumping on their bandwagon. Aharonov's work on this
started around 1964, but I don't recall if Fred and I were aware of it back then. We were influenced
by I.J. Good who may have known of Yakir's 1964 paper.  Of course my first introduction to
back-from-the-future physics was in 1953 as a child in a series of mysterious telephone calls.
President Obama recently gave Yakir a medal for it at The White House - well deserved.
This is an important idea that will change theology as well as physics.

Nobel Physics Laureate Brian Josephson discusses the trouble with some theoretical physicists
here that is harmful to the progress of physics for reasons explained by MIT Physics Professor David Kaiser.

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Free pre-publication book Destiny Matrix 2012 updated 12/7/10
still under construction not final version - watch for updates

Be sure to download Dr. Sarfatti's new article on Dark Energy From Our Future Hologram Computer,
which explains in detail the subjects he discussed on the recent 2/21/2010 Coast to Coast interview with
George Knapp.  YouTube files from the complete show are listed in the video gallery. And a synopsis
of the show can be found here. Related video interviews with Dr. Sarfatti can also be viewed at the
lensman137 channel on YouTube.



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